Grants........there is a certain stigma here. When people hear this word it is often associated with the likes of a unicorn. They sound really good, but most people have never received a real one. We did research and there were a few services out there, but most were either scams or a waste of time. We found a handful of good ones, but they either locked you into a long term contract or wanted an average of about $60 a month just to find the grants!

Then we finally found something we qualified for, but had to go somewhere else for resources. These resources also required additional fees that instructed us on how to write proposals ourselves, but did not make it easy to secure the grant we found. There had to be a better way....

We also looked for a mobile app to find business grants and did not find anything of value. There were similar platforms for investors and college scholarships, but nothing that really helped secure business grants.

Our Mantra: Mine Your Money

MISSION:   Our mission is to get organizations money for their mission!


PASSION:  We are irrationally passionate about funding causes that change our communities!

VISION : Our vision is to help a variety of organizations find and secure billions of dollar in grant to eradicate the existence of under-funded programs/projects!

Our team

Our very ambitious team includes real estate property owners, former grant writers, successful serial entrepreneurs and former executive directors at non-profits.  Our team has all experienced the hassle and frustration looking for grants. With that said we saw a huge opportunity to help others since we have secured close to 2 million dollars for our own non-profits/businesses. Business Grants are ideal, but most quickly realize that they were a hassle to find much less secure.....

Allen Thornton

Executive Director

Rosalyn Thornton

VP Partnerships/ Business Development

Hassan Faggett

VP Resources/Operations

Doug Hoang

Executive Advisory Board

Mike Fadden

Executive Advisory Board (SCORE MENTOR)

Aamir Mamdani

Executive Advisory Board

Terrance Hobdy

Executive Advisory Board

Clint Cain

VP of Information Technology

Kenney Edwards

VP of Marketing

Mark Hamzat O. Erogbogbo

VP of Public Relations

Cynthia Brown

VP of Client Relations

Neal Murthy

Executive Advisory Board

Dr. John Porter

Principal Grant Writer/Consultant

How do we build our database?