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Grant Source has helped organizations find and secure 5.8 million dollars since launching.  Click below to get a customized proposal, We will do a demo, show you some case studies and give you a free list of grants and incentives in your area. 

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How can we help?

Not only do we help you find grants, we help you with the pre-work to get a grant. If you have an idea, we will help you gain access to resources to start your business or non-profit.

                      ***A new business will save an estimated $600 just by using the app.***

We will get you to the exact place that you need to go instead of just telling you it’s something you need to do. There are free resources and education to do it yourself or premium resources that you can find to do everything for you.

 Here are a few items you will get direct access to:  

  • Name search-with a direct link to your Secretary of State and Local County  

  • EIN filing- with a direct link to the online application that can be completed in 5 min 

  • Getting a D-U-N-N-S #- to build your business credit

  • Business entity filing- (Non-Profit, DBA, LLC, C-corp, S-corp)- get direct access to free webinars to help you chose and documentation you need to file with your County or Secretary of State 

  • MWBE- direct links to file for a minority or women owned business enterprise designation with you City, County, State and Federal government 

  • 501(c)3 filing –get what you need to easily get your 501(c)3 designation with the IRS 

  • SBA- Direct links to local training and events that the SBA has to help improve your business 

  • Free databases- links to free databases with local demographic and competitor information 

  • Trademark/patents- Information and direct links to do a search or file a trademark/patent


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Example of resources with direct links

Colleges and Universities are sponsoring Grant Source for their students and finding grants for their institution.

~~The gift of entreprenuership starts with young minds. The GIVE:Grant Source program enables colleges and universities to sponsor free access to Grant Source for their current and prospective students. A few examples of the student types would utilize Grant Source are: entreprenuership students, medical research students,arts students and enabling on campus student organizations access to start a formal non-profit and receive funding.


Business can be challeging. Funding doesn't have to be.

Grant Source connects businesses and non-profits to the best grant matches, fast, because we know that time is our most valuable asset.

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The Community is the Key!

Our mantra that we live by is Give, Gain and Grow. The mission that we encourage everyone in our community to accomplish is give. Not everyone is a grant source and provides grants to the community, but everyone has something to give.

A few examples would be: contributing advise or valuable insight on our community forum, delivering a positive review on someone that you have interacted with in the community, supporting someone’s upcoming event or gala, serving as a volunteer at another organizations program, giving a small grant donation toward another organizations fundraiser, offering a valuable special offer on your product/service to the community and of course offering a grants that align with your beliefs and initiatives.

If we all give then we all stand to gain as well. Many of us came here which is to grow our business or non-profit organization! Your network is your net worth, so we strongly encourage collaboration. Relationships are how the Grant Source team received close to 2 million dollars worth of grants before starting Grant Source.

You can have everything that you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.                                                                                                               

                                                                                            -Zig Ziglar



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